God's Lonely Man

by Petur Ben

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Bogi I just discovered this and jumped on it because i loved Wine For My Weakness,his first album.
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SandraW A wonderful record of an amazing artist whom I stumbled across far too late in my opinion.
The songs surprise with unexpected changes in pace, key or rhythm and stretch out in front of you like a thick carpet of sound which invites you to float along.
The lyrics are beautiful and well thought-through, often dark and painfully honest. If it was only about talent in music business and if there was any justice in the (music) world, this guy would score on top of all charts! Favorite track: Ocean.
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released November 12, 2012

Pétur Þór Benediktsson - vocals, guitars, bass, celesta, cellos, monotribe, vibraphone, percussion
Anna Kristín Guðmundsdóttir - vocals
Ása Diljá Pétursdóttir - vocals
Óttar Sæmundsen - bass, double bass
Þorbjörn Sigurðsson - rhodes and sk20
Sigtryggur Baldursson - drums
Kippi Kaninus - electronics
Frank Hall - guitar
Davíð Þór Jónsson - piano (plucked and struck) and hammond
Kjartan Guðnason - cimbalom, chimes and timpani
Katie Buckley - harp

María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir - violin

Hildur Ársælsdóttir - violin

Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir - viola
Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir - cello
Sindri Már Sigfússon - backing vocals
Snorri Helgason  - backing vocals
Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir  - backing vocals
Magnús Jónsson  - backing vocals
Hjörvar Hjörleifsson  - backing vocals
Tómas Axel Ragnarsson  - backing vocals

Written, arranged and produced by Pétur Ben
Recorded at Sundlaugin Studio and Drekabælið
Recorded by Birgir Jón Birgisson, Elisabeth Carlsson and Pétur Ben
Mixed by Birgir Jón Birgisson
Mastered by Birgir Jón Birgisson
Artwork/Art Directors Jónas Val and Halldór Andrésson
Photos by Marino Thorlacius



all rights reserved


Petur Ben Reykjavik, Iceland

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Track Name: Pieces Of The Moon
Pieces of the moon

This lake is deeper than forever
many have tried but most get lost out there
summon all your courage if you got some
step on the crack and know the ice will break
then take the fractures and plaster them on your face
like pieces of the moon
like pieces of the moon

It takes an ocean of trust to keep standing
underneath our feet the constellations dance
And the surface reflects our reveries
like pieces of the moon
like pieces of the moon

you wait for sunrise and the white sky
to sanctify us
I pray for sunlight in your black eyes
to redesign us
I hope that someday you will take me by the hand to out there
I know that one day we will be made of white light and mirrors
like pieces of the moon
Track Name: God's Lonely Man
It's open season on the ones who lost their reason
an eye for an eye they all have to die
the bone's been tossed and I'm the retriever
I've had my times of doubt but I'm still a believer

They don't know where I'm coming from
I'm a dog with dirty tricks
I'll do anything for kicks
heading for the kingdom
or the best one I can fix

I read the stars in search for a meaning
It's all been scripted be damned if I missed it
Don't know my lines but my lines know where I'm heading
out of this world and I'm not begging for your blessing

but you should know where I'm coming from
The die's been cast
shit I'm tied to the mast
heading for the kingdom
just hope i can last

Spare a thought for God's lonely man
Cause even Jesus Christ
Needed help from time to time
I really don't give a damn
if he's a man or God
It's just those things he said
help me wanna get out of bed
it's just those things he said….

I believe in the spirit but not the institution
we should all be praying for a goddamn revolution
I believe in the one but not the one and only
there's room for us too among the young and the lonely

They don't know where I'm coming from
I'm a dog with dirty tricks
they won't see me when it hits
heading for the kingdom
or the best one i can fix

I know you'd never like it but someones gotta show them
a crooked dog but it takes one to know them
Lift my eyes to the hills
where you used to live
Where does my help come from?
cause I sure could use some
I need a drink and a pair of eyes that know me
I need a helping hand to guide and show me
the beauty in the stars, the stars in your head, your head on my chest and forget about the rest

Spare a thought for God's lonely man
Cause even Jesus Christ
Needed help from time to time
I really don't give a damn
if he's a man or God
It's just those things he said
help me wanna get out of bed
it's just those things he said….
Track Name: Ocean
This is the road that I see
when I close my eyes
and it looks just like a river
I drift to deliver
tricky words, torn between
hypocrisy and truth
but my ride still drifts in devotion
to the endless ocean
in your eyes

Remember when you told me how
I could never love again
well my head was disintegrating
your laugh captivating
and then we kissed in the mist
between a word and the unsaid
I was adrift in erosion
lost in the ocean
of your eyes

Let me be the voice that awakens
what hides beneath your smile
let me be the kiss that cuts through
your lies without warning
we could love again, you and I
just as the morning
kills the speechless night all the time

in a room full of smoke
and howling dogs
I find you drunk and disarming
your twinkle so charming
then I see a distant storm
a shadow crossed your face
and I know that you are as lonely
as the endless ocean
in your eyes

Track Name: Over The Barricades
Over the barricades

Your naked arms
float to the loins
and over the barricades
that God built in protection for his boys.
but I gave up
gave up your ghost
I would rather be powerless
now that I have seen beyond this post

show me your teeth
use all of your charm
it don't seem like a threat cause I have
tasted all the pleasures in your harm
Bring out your guns
and all of your hate
it can do me no wrong no more
for I woke up in a dissolution state

I wanna touch like God
need to feel the thrust, take you apart
enough to make you choke
killing me softly with every stroke

Give me something
keep me from drifting
just a little something
even if it's vanishing
huffing and puffing
looking for a way back inside

all that is mine
there is nothing for you to take
I've given all that I've got left to give
and let me go
into the dawn
put the image of peacefulness
aside for we have no use for it
Now that we have no use for it
Now that I live only to regret
Track Name: Cold War Baby
Cold as the stuff you think
every ship will find a way to sink
stay clear of the living room frontier
your enemy's under the chandelier

Sick of waiting for the first attack
having to constantly watch my back
this will never end and that's the curse
the red button would kill both of us

But look at me and watch me fall
break down like the Berlin Wall
we had an empire a long time ago
I dug my self under a blanket of snow
'til I could speak no more

Point your warheads at me
I miss your missiles and your fragility
oh you got nothing else to do
I hear you going in
peel the dress of your snowy skin
there's no way I'll ever fall asleep
it's to quiet and the couch is too cheap

Another sun comes and blows away
I never see it flicker anyway
I've been wrestling with winter all year
the days die before they open their eyes
that's how it goes up here
Point your warheads at me
There's a place for us in the infinity
oh you got nothing else to do
Track Name: Runes
Look at these runes
my appeal, my excuse
my remedial prayer
a soft language drug
designed to make up
for what we lost on the way
close your eyes now honey bunny

Take the syringe in your hand
and draw what you can
from my opiate voice
then give it back to me
in a moment you'll see
we really don't have a choice
go to sleep now honey bunny

and when we wake up
everything thats kept inside of us
will take on a different shape

Naked words
grow from me to you without restraints
unapologizing truths

Like the sun
rivers will be running from your mouth
and eradicate the curse

...The doors will slam so hard behind us,
the tremors will cause a stir in heaven...

Put your head on my chest
and forget about the rest
in Gods echoing sound
like the perpetual tree
in the fall we will be
with our leaves on the ground
close your eyes now honey bunny

Turn your cheek to the left
turn your heart to the One
and let go of your string
I'll gently put the needle
into the vein in your neck
you won't notice a thing
go to sleep now honey bunny
Track Name: Visions
44 pictures in a frame
they all look kinda the same
but I'm not there
I'm not there anymore
I'm not there

wiped out everything we built/wiped out wasted or spilled
lift my eyes up to the hills
but we're not there
we don't live there anymore
we're not there

Sunlight and silence are the same
bleeding in to every frame
'till your not there
your not there anymore
your not there

eyes wide pretending to be dead
my dreams fall out of bed
see them fall
see their lifeless bodies dive
and see them plunge
through the floor

I can not justify
visions I have in the dead of night
run run for shelter
you'll turn to stone when you see the light

The hours run by in a rush
left behind one of us
in a room
in a gallery of blush
in your room

Your feet come walking through the door
my clothes still on the floor
but I'm not here
I'm not here anymore
I'm not here
Track Name: Yellow Flower
I soak you up like sponge
I'm full of ghosts like anyone
but there is this thing I have
a gift a curse a yellow flower

they see me as they wanna see
I get so sick of trying to be
all that they expect of me
the bridge the light the statue of liberty

just wanna turn out the lights
crawl - in to your nights
be - one with your……

I may have eased the waves
but my head swims in your caves
I bathe you in my sleep
in the water that was meant to give but not keep

just wanna turn out the lights
crawl - in to your nights
be - one with your……
Track Name: Tomorrows Rain
Paper birds
majestic and beautiful
float around, on the ground
like questions that no one dared to ask
and I pray
their headlined wings will carry them
all the way to your place
and sing what my songs could
never say

When we where young
armed with easy confidence
without a dime
no sense of time
we'd build cities that were destined to be drowned
in the sand
we gate-crashed the pearly gates
dug too deep and fell asleep
on promises that we couldn't keep

but every road and bridge would spin
every grain of sand vanished in
Tomorrows Rain
Bring back
Tomorrows Rain
oh let me have...

Stupid words
innocent and arrogant
run around, on the ground
like starving dogs fighting for a juicy bone
And I wish
that I could put an end to them
in their bed, I'd shoot them dead
and write them out in retribution red

and every word and every tear
every drop of blood would disappear
in Tomorrows Rain
(ad lip)
The rain gives and takes away
won't let nothing stay the same
'til all that's left
is the love I misunderstood
tomorrow holds a better day
if we let go of yesterday
and every word and every tear
every drop of blood will disappear
and all them questions never asked
will vanish in
Tomorrows Rain